What to pack for a long flight

Only one more week and we’ll travel to the United States of America. 🙂 Can’t wait for the many questions they ask at the border. Not. Anyway, it will be a longer flight with a stop in London, where we have to wait 1,5h for our connecting flight to San Jose – TIP: Check the closest airports around the destination you wanna go, it might be cheaper! We only booked our flight to San Jose, because it was way cheaper than to San Francisco and only a one-hour drive away. So yes!

But back to to the flight itself. I never ever sleep on airplanes. Sometimes I zoom out, but never sleep. So I kinda watch every movie there is (hopefully good ones!) and for that you need headphones – I’ll take my own ones, since nowadays I’m sometimes not sure, if you get them for free or not. I don’t need another pair… Comfy clothing are a must! Hoody, very stretchy pants and socks. I wear my heaviest boots on the flight, so socks are a must. Beside that I take my travel pillow, a sleeping mask (for trying to sleep), snacks, water-bottle, something good to read and of course my purse. That’s all. Have a look at the images below, to find out more.

Hoody: Houdini | Mask: present from Liisi | Headphones: Skull Candy | Socks & Playing Cards: old | Book: Die Philosophie des Kletterns via amazon | Magazine: The Fernweh Collective | bottel: Mizu x Icebreaker | snacks: Roo’Bar & Raw Bite | Purse: Fjällräven Zip Wallet | Travel Pillow: Fjällräven









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