WHAT I WEAR – There is no bad weather…

No, no there is no bad weather! Only bad clothing… 🙂 I know this quote is quite used up, but it just fits so perfectly for Didriksons1913! Last weekend we went for a little hike, near where we live. When we started it was raining cats and dogs! So we put on our Didriksons pants and jackets and started to hike. Even the sun came out for a bit… Oh and I pimped my hiking boots with brand new pink laces, so would fit to my pink jacket. Yes, I did that. No shame…! 🙂
HER jacket: Didriksons1913 Elma | pants: Didriksons1913 Costa | hoodie: Norrona | laces: Mr. Lacy
HIS jacket: Nils Didriksons1913  | pants: Didriksons1913 Okuda

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