We got engaged!

Holy crap – we got engaged! I still can’t believe it after two months now and always start to giggle, when I say “I’m engaged!”… Sounds so super grown-up! But yes, he asked me and I said YES! It was on our last day in California on his birthday. We drove nearly the whole day and didn’t know where we wanna spent our last day. We didn’t had a plan and suddenly we’re back in San Francisco and on our way to the Golden Gate Bridge. The boy said, let’s go take some photos of the bridge with the sunset, since we didn’t see it the first time, because of the bad weather. So we drove up to the viewing point, it was super windy and cold – he even asked me, if I want to change cloth… I was like “Noooo?!?” and walked away to take photos. I just wanted to get back in the car and find a hotel to spent the night. But he was like: “Ahhh take one more,… Look there is a boat, take one of this,…” And suddenly there was a ring infront of my camera lens! He had a ring in his hands and started to say very romantic things… of course I started to cry right away 🙂 and yeah, said yes! #happygirl

We came back the next morning to take some more photos, just to remember this place… <3






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