Walking through a little gem

Wohooo finally a new outfit post! 😉 We went on a little walk through a really nice place nearby – we didn’t know it before. I am a huge fan of reed (marsh – don’t know the correct word), but I love those areas in nature. And I think my outfit was perfect. The boots are extremely comfy and the backpack is just awesome. Look at the material! Also kept my back warm, because it was colder than I thought! 🙂 Anyway – loved the outfit, loved the place and will come back. Maybe with diapers in the backpack… 😉

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

Beanie: Fjällräven* | Jacket: Patagonia | Pullover: Fjällräven* | Jeans: Armedangels | Boots: Keen Bailey Chelsea* | Backpack: Fjällräven Norrvage*

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