WA – Betty’s Beach

This was one amazing place to be – Betty’s Beach! It looked like a place straight out of a movie, where some people decided to leave the modern society behind and just hang there. You can even camp there – if it’s not salmon season. If it’s salmon season, the camp is reserved for the fishermen, but you can still go for a swim, if you dare. I only went into the water for a super short time and super close to the beach… because we met Bill the fisherman and he told us: “Yeah of course you can snorkel here, it’s nice, but I wouldn’t do it. There are sharks everywhere.” So nope, not for me!

And after we told him, that we really like the boulders for bouldering, he smiled and said: “Yes!!! But you can’t have them! They’re all mine!” 🙂

If you wanna know, what we’re wearing – here’s the answer!
HERS – Tank-Top: Armedangels* | Shorts: Fjällräven Greenland*
HIS –Shirt: Fjällräven Lägerplats*  | Grey Shorts: Fjällräven Greenland* | Beige Shorts: Craghoppers*|
BABY – Stripped Body: Little Green Radicals | Striped Pants: Little Green Radicals

All * PR samples – with a lot of love for those brands!











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