The flow Pack – handling menstrual trash when being outdoors

Animosa is a little brand based in the States – their claim is: Adventure gear by women, for women! And let me tell you, their launch product is just awesome and was very much overdue. The “Flow Pack” is a kit for handling your period and stashing menstrual trash – when you’re outdoors, traveling, or anywhere without a waste bin. Yes! Finally, I’m not the only one, who is hustling around, behind bushes and boulders, during my period, when we’re out on adventures! So here’s the solution – the Flow Pack! It’s a little bag with two other bags inside. One for the menstrual trash and one which is leakproof. There’s also plenty of space to carry the fresh products and also got some wipes. So, let’s go outside! This is one good idea from women for women, keep the #girlpower!




flowpack_5 flowpack_6



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