Teva Rope Sandals & Book Inspirations

It’s raining all week long, but in my head I’m planning the next trip. With lots of sunshine! 😉 Hopping into our van and driving towards the sunny side of life, that’s the plan. Wearing sandals, having a picnic outside with a mug full of coffee… sounds good? Yeah! While sitting at home, with the rain drops knocking against the windows, the only thing, that comes near sunny thoughts, is browsing through some nice books. Books full of adventures and amazing places! Summer, I’m ready – I’m wearing sandals already (with socks) and could start a new adventure every minute!

Off the Road book via Gestalten | Tree Houses book via taschen | Bear & Fox via Schleich (awesome presents from the best husband)
Mug via Fernweh | Blanket via Grandmas attic | Original Universal Rope thanks to Teva | Backpacker Cologne via Juniper Ridge





“Woahhhhhrrrrr… Stop the rain!” Says the bear.





2 thoughts on “Teva Rope Sandals & Book Inspirations”

  1. The sandals “Rope” are very nice.
    Please make them also with an ultra thin sole for barefoot runners: 1 millimeter rubber + 1 millimeter leather = a very soft 2 mm sole to sense the ground to have a good feeling.
    How do you think about that idea?

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