forest wedding, INSPIRATION | 15. September 2016

The Wedding – Accessories

If you finally found the wedding dress, there’s so much more to think about… shoes, bag, hair-pieces and some more accessories I don’t know about. Depends in what direction you wanna go, more classy & chic or more bohemian. Maybe more flower girl or more minimalistic. Here are some thing, I found while searching for wedding stuff, I really liked. Still don’t know what “theme” I like, but I guess, I’ll just mix it, like I like it! (<– I just rapped this last sentence in my mind… mix it, like you like it – uh yeah!) Continue reading “The Wedding – Accessories”

forest wedding, INSPIRATION | 26. July 2016

The Wedding – Dress Inspiration

Awwwww… I’m super excited, when I think about getting married. There’s so much to do, to organize and to figure out. But to be honest, when someone says “wedding” my first thought goes straight to the dress. Yes, very cliche and of course I also think about commitment and love and stuff like this, but I’ll keep those thoughts to myself and share only the material stuff with you guys instead. 🙂
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