Weekend Vibes | 18. April 2017


Hope you all had a nice, long Easter weekend! We went to Ticino, Switzerland with a couple of friends and rented the loveliest AirBnB! During the day we went climbing – ok, the others were climbing, I was more relaxing in the hammock, reading “Inside Amy” (<– super funny!) and Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

ACTION, climb, vanlife, WANDERLUST | 23. February 2017

Valle Maggia – Ticino, Switzerland

A weekend in Ticino, is a weekend well spent! Super refreshing, with all the rivers, valleys, gorges and hiking, climbing, camping. It’s only a 3h drive, from where we live and an awesome change of scenery, after a week full of work. We went climbing in several spots, all in the beautiful Valle Maggia and discovered waterfalls and gorges! Nothing more to say… Continue reading “Valle Maggia – Ticino, Switzerland”

Weekend Vibes | 20. February 2017


Oh Ticino… only two days, but it felt like a little holiday! Super refreshing, after rainy days and feeling sick all day long! We drove all the way to Italy for some pizza las Friday, returned to Ticino/Switzerland the same evening and found a nice wild camping spot (nope, we’re not telling where). On Saturday and Sunday we went climbing a few times and explored Valle Maggia… perfect weekend! So Monday bring it on… Continue reading “#weekendvibes”