A Long weekend in Ticino, Switzerland

Ticino – a lovestory Since the first time my husband showed me the magical landscape of Ticino, I fell in love with this beautiful area and we came back so many times. Just <<click here>> for all the posts I made so far about our trips to Ticino, Switzerland! But here are a few impressions of … Continue reading “A Long weekend in Ticino, Switzerland”

Valle Maggia – Ticino, Switzerland

A weekend in Ticino, is a weekend well spent! Super refreshing, with all the rivers, valleys, gorges and hiking, climbing, camping. It’s only a 3h drive, from where we live and an awesome change of scenery, after a week full of work. We went climbing in several spots, all in the beautiful Valle Maggia and … Continue reading “Valle Maggia – Ticino, Switzerland”

Easter Trip Ticino

We spent easter in lovely Ticino/Switzerland. I guess we do this every year, but this time I could spent the whole time there, since I had to go home earlier, the last times. So yeeahy! 🙂 We drove to “Cresciano”, which is right after Bellinzona. First we made a quick stop to visit friends in … Continue reading “Easter Trip Ticino”

What I wear – Black & Red on Rocks

While we spent the last weekend in Ticino, I couldn’t help to shoot this outfit for Blue Tomato. The scenery is just too nice here! The gorges at the beginning of Valle Maggia is way to beautiful. So after we finished a little climbing session, we walked down to the river and explored! All fluffed … Continue reading “What I wear – Black & Red on Rocks”