Weekend Vibes | 2. May 2017


Hope everyone had a nice long first of May weekend! We had a lot of adult stuff to do – again… but managed to squeeze a little adventure in between! We had to go to Constanz and decided to drive another way back home, where we could discover the Continue reading “#weekendvibes”

She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 20. April 2017

What I wear – Sandals & comfy goodness

I kinda lived in this outfit during our Easter holidays in Switzerland. It’s amazing, when you only have one bra left, that fits. You don’t have to think about which one you should wear… plus leggings! My body is starting to transform and my normal pants are coming to this stage where it gets a bit tight and pinchy (<– is this a word?). So leggings and a loose top are perfect for Continue reading “What I wear – Sandals & comfy goodness”