Gear, INSPIRATION, wishlist | 22. November 2016

Black Friday with Patagonia and 100% for the planet

Black friday isn’t that big of a deal in Germany at the moment (at least in the smaller cities not), but a lot of international brands are offering deals worldwide and the advertising for this black friday shopping event is popping up everywhere. First I heard about the “black friday” was probably when several videos went viral, like this one here. I was more like WTF is happening there… Continue reading “Black Friday with Patagonia and 100% for the planet”

ACTION, Gear | 6. June 2016

Fluffy Jackets

Oh man, I’m super sad that all my fluffy down jackets are gone. I hope the person who robbed us, gave my three jackets some girl, who probably needed them more than me. But the thing is, I do wear my down jackets a lot. Not only when we are up in the mountains, I wear them also to work, under a light streetwear jacket. I put them nearly always in my bag – because down jackets are light and don’t need much space. So if it’s getting cold, I’m always prepared. I had a black Peak Performance one, which I used nearly every day during fall and winter and a pink one, I bought in Iceland. I looooooooved the pink one, since it looks so nice as a contrast to nature. So yeah, I really wand a black and a pink one again. I know – it’s summer, but I found some nice ones anyway! 😉
Continue reading “Fluffy Jackets”

Countries, FEATURED, WANDERLUST | 2. June 2016

Yosemite National Park

I’m still super, super sad, because of the photos I can’t share. I really do hate this person, who broke in our car. Not only all our climbing gear is gone, also soooosoo many photos. 3/4 of the whole trip and I’m extra sad about the photos I took in the Yosemite National Park, since I didn’t tool that many with the phone. The quality is also not so nice… Continue reading “Yosemite National Park”