She wears, WHAT I WEAR | 17. December 2015


Ahhh I love this outfit! Layers over layers of Nikita! I also love knitted socks over leggings, since I’m always a bit skeptical, when it comes to tights. So the socks are perfectly hiding the end of the super warm legging 🙂 and even fit into my Isabel Marant bobby sneakers! Yeah! Aaaaan match with the long Nikita cardigan! So yes, this is a super awesome feel-good-and-cozy outfit! Hope you like it as well!  🙂

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Gear, WHAT I WEAR | 9. July 2015

RIVER RIVER with Blue Tomato

A couple of days ago we escaped to the river right after work. It was so damn hot, you couldn’t do anything beside swimming in the cold river and maybe drinking some cold beer. So I put my bikini in my backpack, took a picnic blanket and some beer, jumped on my bike and drove down to the river – where the boy was already waiting. Quality #afterwork time!

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