ACTION GIRL OF THE MONTH: Heida Birgisdottir

Our action girl of the month is very well know in the outdoor action scene, when it comes to riding with style. She is just amazing! Mother, rider, designer and absolutely crazy good looking! 🙂 Enjoy the interview I did with her.

What is your name?
Heida Birgisdottir

What do you do for living and where do you do it?
I work as head designer at Nikita, I live in Iceland and mostly work from there, but I also travel quite a lot for my work. Most of the time to Portland, Oregon where the main office is for Nikita.


What’s your favorite part of your job?
Doing sketches for a new collection and seeing the ideas come to life when thesamples are ready. Photo shoots are also a favorite.

What do you like to do in your spare time?
I like to be outside doing some of my sports like snowboarding, skateboarding, hiking, riding my mountain bike or dirt bike. Spend time with my son, boyfriend, family and friends. Most of them do the same sports so we can do a lot together. I love doing some kind of workouts in the morning before I start working, swim, walk or do my yoga/fitness routine at home. I also love painting and going to concerts. I also love traveling to great places, to other countries and Iceland, but I travel a lot for work and sometimes I just like to be home instead of going to other places.

What was your last travel destination and what will be the next? 
My last destination was Portland and my next will be Portland. I did go to Malmö and Berlin before that.

Favorite city? 
I’m not really a big city person, but I like Berlin, Stockholm, Portland and of course Reykjavík.

Are you on Instagram, if yes can we follow you? 🙂  
Yes, I’m heidanikita on Instagram.

Show me your 3 favorite Instagram images you took! 


Who do you like to follow on Instagram and why? 
There are so many, but for example my friend Geiri, he always posts some fun pictures.

Summer or Winter? 
Dress or Jeans?  
Tv-Show or Movie? 
Cheese or Bacon? 
Ocean or Mountains? 
Have to have both.
Name 5 things you can’t live without, when you are going on a road-trip!
My iPhone because it has a lot of the things that I want to have with me like music and camera. I need to have good coffee and my sketch book. Well, then it depends on what  kind of a roadtrip it is 🙂
Ok, last question: if you could be an animal, what would it be? (Unicorns and dragons are counting as well!)
A flying dragon.
Anything else you wanna say?

I love smoothies!

Ok, thank you, Heida! Stay tuned for the next action girl!

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