SVÄRTAN – Welcome to India with IKEA

Svärtan is the newest, limited collection of IKEA in cooperation with fashion designer Martin Bergström – available this September. The goal was to create a modern interpretation of India. The result is monochrome and expressive – I like that. The story behind these pattern is, to show not the colorful India everyone is thinking about, but rather the everyday life. At least for my part, I do think about so many colors when it comes to India, but the pattern in the Svärtan collection are inspired by old wall, wires and the structures all over the things people go by everyday. Well done, Ikea – I’m totally hooked again! My favorites are the black chairs and bowls…

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan1

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan2

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan3

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan4

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan5

maybeyoulike_ikea_ svartan6

All images via Ikea.


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