Sunday Clicks

Ok, another new section over here! But I do stroll – ok, more scroll – a lot through the world-wide-webby-land and find a lot more, than I share over here, which his changing now with the “sunday clicks” section. Like new trailers, books, articles I liked and thoughts or just other random stuff. So “Sunday Clicks” are invented & live! Hope you enjoy this selection of mine!

I met the director of this amazing short movie on a foggy night in Reykjavik. Watch his amazing film Whale Valley on Vimeo now (for a limited time!).

I want this year round weatherproof igloo in my garden! via design milk

One of my favorite blogs to read, wrote an article about what you can do about the situation in Aleppo.

Read and print! Article written by Neal Tantoul.

Watch this spot, I found via Klonblog – I was shocked, but just watch for yourself…

Johnna Holmgren from fox meets bear and her gorgeous family moved into their (and also mine 😉 ) dream house & I love to follow them, how they renovate an decorate their home! Super jealous of this A-Frame!!! Follow her on Instagram!




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