Station to Station – a public art project made possible by Levis

…and the Station to Station – a public art project made possible by Levis, train goes on! 
And on board are still these two crazy guys – Jakob and Tobias. Who were totally 
stoked to see punk legend Patti Smith.
The railcars are from the 1940’s and 1950’s and are owned by a group of individuals. 
The cars were grouped by Altiplano Railtours and provided to S2S as a tailored package
 with cars selected for their best use in the train. Two of the cars come from the Santa Fe 
Railway, 3 from the Milwaukee Road, two from the US Army and one from the Norfolk and 
Western. These are cars that were used on the streamliners of the 1950’s, many went to 
Amtrak but were sold off in the 1980’s. Through a labor of love many of the railcars have 
been meticulously restored and made available for charters. Both the dining car and front 
car were designed by Jorge par do. There are 9 cars on the Station to Station train.
Here are some pictures of the last stop in Chicago. Follow them on Facebook to 
get all the news and stay tuned!

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