Slowdown with Calida

A few weeks ago, I was invited by Calida to join them for a “Slowdown” in Bayrischzell, near Munich! Sounded perfect (and it was!) Getting to know the Swiss brand, with all their amazing fabrics and sustainable materials plus having a real good slowdown with a massage, yoga and walking in Winterwonderland.

The event started with a tour through the hotel we stayed in – the lovely Tannerhof! A feel-good oasis, where you can definitely slow down. Either just for the sake of relaxing or for special diets. No Wifi or TV in the hotel rooms, but lots of options for getting to know yourself and your body better. We did yoga in the morning, hiking during the day and a massage in the evening, just before a very yummy dinner. We also had a workshop with Calida, where we  got to see the upcoming collection for spring/summer 2019. I was amazed by the fabrics – so many different ones, for example made out of wood, seaweed or even milk! Plus the Swiss brand tries to produce their whole collection as sustainable as they can! And believe me this is not that easy, but Calida is doing extremely good! Their newest certification is the “Made in Green by OEKO-TEX®”. Read more about it <<here>>.

So I had a really nice time, slowing down and still have this feeling while wearing my Calida set! Even my husband is jealous of my leggings now! 😉

This post contains advertising through brand naming. In cooperation with Calida. All images ©Jule Schmid.


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