Sleep well, Maybe baby!

When you bring your newborn home and the first night is ahead of you, there are suddenly so many questions. What does the tiny one need to wear, how cold/warm is it supposed to be in the room and where should the baby sleep? So. Many. Questions. I wrote several mom-friends and sent them photos of what I thought, our baby girl could wear during the night.

So the answer was always – a sleeping bag. I went through so many online shops and ordered a pretty one. 😉 Which is too big for her at the moment and I’m not sure, if the material is comfy. Anyway, we will see if this one fits, when she’s a bit older. I already have a super cute one for summer and I borrowed one for the winter season from a friend as well, but there was still the question what should she wear NOW.

No blanket during the night for the baby, ok. Got it! A sleeping bag, with a good shape and material, so the baby can move how it wants to move and regulate its own body temperature. Check! So when I went to our town to meet a friend, we thought we should check out our local children/baby store. A tiny one, but we all got special clothing there, when we’re babies. This is where I discovered the German brand Alvi. They have several products, but the most know one is probably their sleeping bag “Baby-Mäxchen“. I really like the fact, that it comes with two summer sleeping bags (so your baby can wear it longer) and a warm sleeping bag for the colder seasons. Perfect for new parents, if you ask me. Just dress your baby with a simple long arm body and the Alvi sleeping bag for the season. And your done! Made it so much easier and she loves it!

I asked Alvi, if we could test their Baby Mäxchen and I’m very happy we teamed up! Thank you for this nice cooperation!











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