SKAGEN – Modern Danish Design

Skagen – a coastal city in Denmark. Where baltic and north sea unite, where life is simple and time stands still. Modern, quality and functional designs – that’s how I would describe the danish brand. Their collection goes from jewelry & watches, to leather goods.

My favorite is the kroyer backpack with its clean design, but still super functional. They also have accessoires in this metallic-gold leather – which seems like fallen stars in the rest of the leather goods range. (But I really like those fallen stars!) Their jewelry range called “Seasonal” is not only one fallen star – it’s the whole sky at night! The necklace looks like  a little universe… and the bracelet like the thing that goes around planets! 🙂 If you remember this outfit of mine, you know how much I’m into galaxy pattern!
My favorite item is probably the watch, called Anita – Malanaise. Super simple, but oh so feminine! A little starmap on a deep blue (they say deep blue, but it’s more like black) sky!
Have a look for yourself, here are my favorites from the Skagen!











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