Pyjamas, Lounge or Sleep wear

…or whatever you wanna call the cozy clothing, you spend your nights & Netflix sessions in. We all have those sleeping-shirts. Hundreds of them, shirts too big or worn out, but still good enough for sleeping. We all have our favorite one & the rest of them, is stored away under a big pile of other shirts, never seeing the light again. Only then, when you’re trying to clear out your cloth… but those sleeping-shirts always end up back in your closet… Who can relate to this? Yeah, I know… probably  a lot of you guys! 😉 Anyway, I found some pretty nice alternatives for the oversized sleeping shirt! They look pretty & colorful – might be the chance to grade up your pyjamas!

White night gown with dots via hessnatur | Stripped ensemble via Boden | Pink dots ensemble via Love Stories | Jumpsuit via RVCA

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