Allgemein | 23. June 2011

Pantone Folding Chair

I found these amazing Pantone folding chairs a while ago,
but I am stil in love. The italian brand Seletti makes a lot of other amazing things!

Allgemein, Friday Awesomeness | 17. June 2011

Friday Awesomeness

This fluffy wood piece is just gorgeous!
If you missing winter so bad as me – watch some videos of the 
Nine Queens event here. These girls are killin it!
I was searching for a shirt like this for such a long time – maybe this 
one from American Apperal is the right?
I want this: Evoc Terminal Bag – stylish way to travel + you can 
split it into two pieces, backpack and bag! Great!
Listen to: Joshua Radin
Check out: Vixxxen is an awesome blog written by Molly. I check it nearly every day!