Friday Awesomeness

black and white
hot stuff is this Favorite deck
I want this cute digital camera via photojojo
awesome: lazy oaf has really nice graphics
just gorgeous: I love this Nikita Selekzion tank top, so simple
listen to: Friska Viljor and if you have the chance to see them live, it´s worth it!

6 thoughts on “Friday Awesomeness”

  1. ehehe, please dont joking! yours english is 100x better. Envy that youre live in germany. I have a family in wetzlar, (70 km to frankfurt atam main) i have been there 7 times of my life and im so love germany ! i really want to lives there forever 🙁 every when I'm there I'm bought some cosmetics bebe young care and dush das, because in poland, we dont have this 🙂 im really regret that im never seen a nikitaclothing in germany, maybe you know where is the nikita shop in de? / eni

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