Allgemein, Friday Awesomeness | 15. July 2011

Friday Awesomeness

check out: pimpettes – a really funny blog, all about sex and fashion.
AWESOME –> a leather bag where you can carry all your camera
stuff with you! Aaaaand it looks lovely and is so usefull! Thx Kelly Moore!
listen to: Fm Belfast – playing this weekend here.
just gorgeous: Ahhhhh galaxy print! They have also great shirts with naked girls.
I want this! No, I need this pink Aloha crate (with a cushion 
it would be a perfekt stool) and some yummy drinks!
Allgemein | 14. July 2011

crystal love

I know, lately on every blog is a post about those necklaces.
But maybe there is a reason why. I really like this one of a friend of mine.
Allgemein | 13. July 2011

introducing YouSpots

Enrico of YouSpots wrote me a couple 
of days ago and I have to say, this is a really nice thing!
If you love any kind of sports, you should join this!
YouSpots is a platform for everybody longing for new and exciting spots, 
runs and locations to practice their sport. It offers a wide variety of 
opportunities for athletes of urban and “extreme” sports such as kiting, 
surfing, long/skateboarding, snowboarding, skiing, and every other activity that 
you can imagine. But most importantly it builds on its community to provide this. 
From sharing spots, rating them and exchanging stories and experiences to 
meeting new people to ride with or simply talking about anything you 
like with like-minded people in the forum.