Allgemein | 21. July 2011

Les Ettes

Well, I told you about the amazing Les Ettes/Zimtstern 
collaboration before, but there is more:
Les Ettes also teamed up with Bataleon and Spy!
We´ll be looking so rad this winter! Can´t wait!

Allgemein | 20. July 2011

5 things

I would love to have RIGHT NOW. Cause it´s raining and I feel cold.
1. MuscuBag – I wanna jump around in this!
2. happy and warm socks! via Happy Socks
3. a burger phone to gossip with my friends. via fredflare
4. queen of fucking everything! That´s right! via UO
5. delicious hoddie via femipleasure

Allgemein | 19. July 2011

Saltwater Sandals

Ahhh finally I got my red Saltwater sandals! 
And I love them, of course! …playing with the idea to get another pair.
Maybe in yellow? Oh yes, please!