#PACKEDTOGO with Patagonia

If I would go on a boulder weekend trip right know, I would pack light. In reality I probably wouldn’t, but at least I should try. Because, let’s be honest – we always pack to much and in the end you only wear this one pair of jeans and this one sweater. You only change socks, underwear (damn forgot those in the photo… haha) and t-shirts. So here is my #packedtogo list for a boulder weekend:


bag/backpack: Patagonia Black Hole Duffel Bag / or backpack if you want!
down jacket: Craghoppers / doesn’t need much space and will warm you perfectly!
• sweater: Patagonia Snap-T / so cool and so fluffy…
• headlamp: Black Diamond / lifesaver, if you spent the trip in your van or tent!
• water bottle: Mizu / Blue Tomato / never forget!
• sneakers: Ecco / huge fan of this pair of comfy sneakers!
2 or 3 shirts: Nikita Clothing / just because I love Nikita! 🙂
• Flip-Flops: no name / rest for your feet between bouldering & if you need to pee in the middle of the night.
• knife: Opinel / always handy… and if it comes in pink, even more!
• comfy pants: Blutsgeschwister / for sleeping or relaxing at a campfire!
• phone case: Catalyst  /
• socks & underwear (not in photo): Sionyx / a fresh pair feels always good…
• pants/jeans: Patagonia corduroy pants / on sale at the moment! 
• headband/beanie: self-made / by my best friend Natalie! Thaaanks!
• legging: Nikita Clothing / I always climb in leggings. Hate those shapeless climbing-pants!
• climbing shoes: Decathlon Simond / perfect solution for my feet! 

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