On our living room table or life with a baby

I have very mixed feelings when it comes to the evenings. We kinda can’t put her in a different room, while we are relaxing on the couch, watching Netflix (Mindhunter 3, if you’re asking… super strange). I know, I know – some of you might say – ohhh but the baby will hear the noises of the TV and that’s not good… but she’s sleeping just fine and yeah. But sometimes we manage to put her a little bit earlier to sleep, in our bedroom. And let’s just say – a babyphone is gold! We are very happy, that we can test one by Philips Avent. So when our girl is in a different room and we’re watching TV – I always have one eye on the babyphone. 😉 You can hear all those crazy  noises and even see lights, when there’s a noise. You can also talk to the baby through the babyphone like through a walkie-talkie and turn lights on and off. And yes, my husband and I had some serious walkie-talkie talks… “The eagle has laded. Over and out.”

Thanks to Philips Avent – we are testing the DECT-Babyphone! Perfect for us, since we can take it with us on trips with the Van,
because you can choose between battery or a power connection.








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