Nursing with mara mea

I didn’t know how to start this post. I wrote “I’m still nursing…” first, but this little word “still” annoyed me, because there is no excuse for how long and how you feed your baby anyway. But still, I wrote “still”, trying to defend myself somehow. There’s something wrong with society and how they see breastfeeding women… but back to what I was going about to write. I am lucky to breastfeeding my daughter since she was born and I had to learn, that I had to dress differently for that. Ok, I’m going deep again – you can dress however you want. But for my part, I really like it, when I’m with other people or in public, to cover my boobs. I don’t care when I’m at home, but yeah. And who know’s how I wall handle this, when we are in Australia! Hopefully wearing bikinis all day long… Anyway – I already showed you a maternity/nursing dress from the gorgeous brand mara mea over here and know I’ll show you another awesome piece from their collection. A top for nursing, covering boobs. Awesome!

Thanks to mara mea for this amazing mountain spirit top! (PR sample)













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  1. Ach ihr Süßen, schau mir gerade nach langer Zeit wieder deine Seiten durch und freue mich so sehr für euch drei <3

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