NEVER FORGET with Blue Tomato

I teamed up with Blue Tomato again, this time to show you some important stuff, when you go hit the winterwonderland! So never forget those things, when you go skiing or snowboarding:

Biotherm X Roxy Lana Collar Scarf: I hate it, when your jacket is rubbing your chin. This one has even some SPA in it… Always bring some snacks – Roo’Bar is the perfect one. Always. Opinel knife: Yeah, you just never know, but a pink knife can be very handy. Horsefeathers epic tech socks: Believe me, it’s better to wear those skiing/snowboard socks, rather than normal ones. Gloves! Never ever forget your gloves! These are from POW – super fluffy, they even have some pretty nice features: Primaloft and GoreTex! Sunglasses (Roxy) and a beanie (Mons Royale)  for the after-skiing-time are indispensable. Helmet-hair needs to be covered! Just saying… Last but not least – you should have a first aid kit with you, hopefully you’ll never need it. This one it from Blue Tomato and is not too big! Aaaand maybe some Avène cold cream on top for nice skin!

Now your good to go!





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