my weekend according to my iPhone pictures

Ahhhhh finally it’s dumping and dumping… I went testing my new Völkl ski – Yumi – which I designed for them two years ago. I have to say, my former colleague kinda warned me, cause she said it’s actually a beginner ski. She was right. It’s not the perfect ski for me, but what the heck, I just wanted to have this damn ski, since I designed it. Anyway, my next one will be a better one. 🙂 We also went into the woods for some waling through the snow action. Or more sliding through the forest… Haha that was awesome, hopefully nobody noticed us, playing like kids. Hope you had an amazing weekend as well! Oh and yeah, stay safe in the backcountry – my boyfriend gave me a little shock/reminder that nature is just unpredictable!

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