Oh my gosh, I don’t know where I want to begin… this family is just gorgeous! Bluebird is my all time favorite blog – I am always super excited, if there is a new blogpost about the amazing life of this family. It is about kinda everything – from family life to fashion, beauty, cooking or just the everyday life. Their photos are always inspiring and makes me want to start a family right now. 🙂 Have a look at Bluebird, I promise you, you will fall in love with James, the woman behind it, and her life. //all images via bluebird


Sarah & Nike – they are just down to earth. Super honest and you want to hang out with them all day long. This is Jane Wayne is – honestly – one of the few blogs I really read. I mean not just going over it, I really read what they write down there. 🙂 Normally I don’t read fashion blogs, but Sara’s and Nike’s writing is full of charm and how it is in real life. They have amazing taste in fashion and are brave enough to do their own thing. I like that. I like that a lot. Pure girl-power! //all images via This is Jane Wayne

Best inspiration for everything and wants to makes me finally move to Canada. They live where I wanna live – Vancouver. The life in BC is just… just so laid-back! I love Canada and I love the Canadians, so I really do love to follow Tegan & Lindsay through their blog Treasures & Travels. They are super duper creative. Their DIY projects and tutorials are just amazing and worth a try! Go over and have a look and get inspired.
//all images via Treasures & Travels

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