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What is your personal pleasure and the joy of letting go? Magnum Ice Cream and i-D teamed up earlier this year and asked this question rising filmmakers. They choose three winners and let them create their own little movie. They got help from award-winning filmmaker Xavier Dolan (I love his movie Laurence Anyways!) and production support.

And here are the finished short films of the tree winners:
Kai – directed by Andrew Cumming – “Pleasure is letting go”
Kai is a dancer. She loves to dance, practices every day, none stop. But she struggles under the comments of her teacher – she isn’t perfect enough. One day her dance partners ask her to join them on a trip to the ocean and through loosing herself, Kai finds her motivation to dance again.
<< Click here to watch the film >>

Wild Space – directed by Kara Smith – “Pleasure is following your heart”

This story is about a fisherman who comes home to his love, but she is not alone. Let’s just say, someone will not survive, but there is an happy end! 🙂 << Click here to watch the film >>

Zap – directed by Patrick Downing – “Pleasure is ageless”

Awwww, this one is just too cute. An elderly couple in their residential home, enjoying life. There is nothing more to say, just have a look for yourself and be sure not to miss “the” moment.  << Click here to watch the film >>

In cooperation with Magnum Ice Cream.

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