Lovely Things – Ice Blue

Normally I would say – I don’t like the color blue. And that’s kinda true. I don’t like blue, when it’s a bright tone. But I really like dark, dark blue and very light and pastel blue! Or a grey, with a hint of blue in it. Just in case you wanted to know. 😉 Plus it reminds me of the icebergs in Iceland. Hope you like those gems as much as I do – it was time to do a new “lovely things” post, right?

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

Sneakers: Palladium Boots*(so comfy!) | Sunglasses: Le Specs | Shirt: Gift Shop Iceland | Polar Fox Toy: Schleich
Bracelet: Hring eftir Hring | Booklet: Wie es wirklich ist (Gift)

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