Let’s go camping!

So, my boyfriend loves his VW van. He loves to have the freedom of just start driving and stop where ever he wants to – cause you can sleep, cook and put kinda everything in the van. I like his van, too. But I am a design nerd, so I love everything pretty. 

When we go on our road-trips there are two aspects we have to argue about: 

His practical & sportive side – everything needs to be light and the climbing, etc. gear needs the right place so you can always reach it. 🙂 There might be a rad boulder around the next corner…

Pan: Pooler Stuff | Cards: via Selekkt | Sleeping Bag: Ticla | Dish Soap: Seatosummit | Headlamp: Black
| Slackline: via Bergfreunde | Schnapps: via selekkt | Chair: snow peak | Axe: Sanborn | Cushion: UO

And my everything needs to be pretty side – no ugly bedlinen and nothing half broken. I need space for my shoes and camera equipment and everything as to be cozy and fluffy. Yes, I am such a girl. And I don’t care. If I can have it pretty in our house, I also want it to be nice in the van. Deal with that, boyfriend! 🙂

Waterproof Bag: Heimplanet | Boot: Luis Trenker | Plates: Ekobo Home | Oil: Howkapow | Candle: Ikea
Blanket: Gallant & Jones | Birks: UO | Lamp: Westwing | Travel Kit: Stop The Water While Using Me


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