Kindergarten is starting soon

Oh well, it’s time! Our little one will go to Kindergarten very soon! Like next week soon! I’m super excited, how she will like it and how long it will take her to let go of me. But… I have a feeling it won’t take long. So I made a little list, of what you might need for your Kindergarten child! 😉

This post contains advertising through unpaid brand naming.

Backpack: Fjällräven | Socks: namuk | Bottle: Klean Kanteen | Lunch Box: Ecobox | Slippers: Giesswein via zalando | Sweater & Pants: Orbasics
Rain Gear: Reima Pants, Jacket & Rainboots | Beanie: beaniefabrik | Pocket Bunny: Jellycat


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