Oh gosh… I can’t decide which one I like most and if there are better ones I didn’t see yet. Can someone help me please? Where can I find nice iPhone 6s cases? It’s kinda urgent since I’m a total clumsy clot. I destroyed so many technical objects, it’s embarrassing. So I don’t wanna destroy my new phone (ok I admit it.. it has already a tiny scratch). Here are some options, but I’m not quite happy.

The first one is from Rifle Paper Co. (showed you in the last Friday Awesomeness) and this one is kinda my favorite, but so expensive with the shipping to Germany… The one with the pink flamingo is from Eulenschnitt via etsy! I love polar bears a lot, but a fox is also something I really adore… so this one is from Kate Spade via Shopbob! Or this super cute iPhoria case with the mirror hidden behind the heart? Or should I just design my own one? Any good suggestions?

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