Interview with James – designer of Black Milk Clothing

I did an (I think not so serious) interview with James Lillis – founder and 
designer of Black Milk clothing.
Enjoy! 😉
 Black Milk galaxy leggings, Nikita Selekzion dress, photo: tarantik
Where do you get your inspiration for the pattern from?
I mostly take inspiration from nature. For example, with the Moo Leggings, I was inspired by a cow. To me, the moo leggings capture the essence of what it means to be a cow.

• What is your favourite piece?
I don’t think I have one….

• There a lot of hot girls out there wearing your leggings and swimsuits, how does this feel?
Superior to every other man on the planet.

• Who are your favourit fashion designers?
Me, McQueen, Decarnin, me, Pugh … me.

• What are you doing, when you don´t sewing awesome leggings?
I love dancing. I can dance for hours sometimes.

• 5 things you can´t live without.
My brain
An immune system
My ultra powerful senses which tell when danger approaches

• Any fashion advice for a girl wearing blackmilk?
Wear awesome shoes with them.

• If someone wants you to design evening robe. How would it look like?
Like you were being attacked by a draped gorilla.

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