Lately I stumbled over this amazing post on Honestly WTF. You all know, I love pink. But I also really love green – dark green, moss green, all those “forest green” shades. So I started to google… “green velvet sofa”, “dark green interior”, …  and so on. I’m completely hooked and I want to have a dark green wall for starters. (Hopefully the boy doesn’t read this!) By the way, I have no clue, which wall in our house would qualify for this action. 🙂 Anyway, a girl can dream – so this is my “Forest Green Interior Inspiration”.

pictures above found via Pinterest here & here

Book: Cabin Porn via amazon | Blanket: Pendleton | Paper Deer: via selekkt | WoodenW helf: via Urban Outfitters | Saucer: HelloPosh via etsy | Couch: Naples via One Kings Lane |  Candle: via H&M | Mushroom: Anne-Claire Petit via Maedla | Shelf: IKEA | Cushion: via Fine Little Day | vase: via Couch Magazine



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