I want to go Glamping in our Backyard – WHO’S IN?

OH MY – SUMMER HAS ARRIVED! So I wanna go and sleep outside, but in a “glamours” way – glamping, right? This word has been around for a quite a while now… and when you go to Pinterest and search for glamping, some really, really gorgeous images will pop up! I am into it, so here is my “how-to-glamping” list. Who’s coming? Drinks are included! 🙂

Nordisk Alfheim tent | acapulco rug via Maison du Monde | outdoor lightning via IKEA |  sheep fur via IKEA | yellow blanket via Maison du Monde | “Old Kentucky Moscow” mug via UO | glas via IKEA  | cutting board via Ticla | fireplace via DENK | lantern via Sunnylife

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