How to get around with a Baby

So I had a really funny conversation with my grandmother a couple of weeks ago. I was like – oh gosh, we need so much stuff, just to get the baby from A to B. A stroller, a car seat and a “Kraxe” (<– what is the english word for this? 🙂 )! And she just asked, for what do you need a car seat that soon? I guess, back in the days there were not so many thoughts about safety… We all survived, right? But we’ll definitely have a car seat for our baby! Here are some “how to bring your baby from A to B” suggestions. I’m still reading about carriers a lot, so I’m not sure which one is the best, but as far as I heard – it’s the babies decision, which one it likes best! 😉

 Marsupi Baby Carrier | Customized AngelCab Atelier Classic | Seed Papilio Stroller via Seed
Cybex Aton via Baby Garage (we got this one from our lovely friends) | Stokke MyCarrier via Stokke

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