Hospital Bag – what should I pack?

Oh gooooooosh… how did time fly that fast? Is it really time to pack my bag for the hospital?! The midwife said yes! Ok, well then… I will pack my bag. I came across a few posts on other blogs, about what to pack. They’re all quite helpful, I listed them for you:

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And here is what I came up with, with the help of what the midwife said and some already awesome mummies! I hope this will work out, but I think I’m ready to go with this packed bag now. And I will let you know, if this was all I needed or what I missed. Because you know 😉 everyone is different!

 For the Mom-to-be

• A bag – obviously to put everything in. I’ll use my super old Nikita weekender, which I really like.
• A chunky cardigan, so cuddle up, if it might be cooler or just to feel comfy. This is from Burton (old one).
• The bath salt from Bahnhofs-Apotheke Kempten – a dear friend gave it to me. She told me, after giving birth you can’t swipe yourself after getting on the toilet – you only use water. And to feel a bit more fresh, add some of the salt. It’s also good for the healing process.
• A pair of warm socks, plus one or two pair more. Mine are from H&M.
Birkenstock sandals – easy to slip in & out.
• Music Box for getting motivated or relaxed… this one is the Philips Shoqbox.
• One or two comfy outfits for afterwards. I packed my Element Eden jogging pants and hoodie.
• A few bigger panties – mine are via H&M.
• A nursing bra – this one is called Fleur from Anita* and does not only look nice, it feels so good.
• A bunch of loose shirts. The one I’ll wear for the real action 😉 is a bit longer.. that’s what everybody and the midwife said. If you need to walk around a bit and don’t wann show you butt! The shirts are all easy to push up and down – for easy access to the boobs. 😉
• Personal cosmetic things… Toothbrush, toothpaste, lipbalm, shampoo, dryshampoo,…
• Snacks – I’ll take some stuff I really like… I’m not sure what exactly, but I’ll let you know, what I made my husband bring me.
• Last but not least – the most important thing: Your “Mutterpass” (<– I have no clue what to call it in english… mother pass?!) anyway, mine has a pretty cover from mara meawhich will protect the paper, plus there’s more space for marriage certificate or other things.









 FOR THE baby

• A body, this one is wool/silk and from Cosilana via Lila Lämmchen.
• A woolen romper with feet from Selana also via Lila Lämmchen. It’s quite expensive, but I thought it’s ok to have a few high quality things…
• Tights via H&M.
• A bonnet – in our local hospital every newborn gets one as a welcome present. But I’ll take one anyway. This one is from Petite Soul.
• A woolen jacket – this one is handmade from a friend and she let me borrow it. <3
• Shoes and/or socks – both second hand.
• A big swaddle to cover the baby carrier, it might be windy. The striped one here is from aden + anais*.
• A blanket to make the car ride home as cozy as possible. This one is from Konges Slojd via Kleines Karussell.
• – not in picture – a car seat!!! Otherwise you can’t take your baby home.







All things marked with a * are given to me as a PR sample & are brands I love to work with.


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