Hello Baby Girl!

Sorry for being not really updating the blog over here… but our baby girl decided to come a bit earlier. So we kinda had to rush to the hospital and I had no time to plan and write the blogposts for the the time I would be offline. 😉 But hey… I guess that’s fine, since meeting and getting to know our little baby girl is way more important and soooo sweet! Oh the smell of a newborn… 

So meet Clara, our tiny, precious baby girl! We are totally in love and can’t get enough of her. Even when she is crying and moaning around during the night – ok during the day as well. But not that much! Bloating is no fun! Not. At. All. But we’ll get over it hopefully very soon. So excuse me, if my blogposts will be a bit less than usual, but I try to keep it working. #momlife will hit me hard as soon as the husband will get back to work! But a few days are still ahead of us and we will enjoy them…





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