Finding my inner queen

Happy mothersday to all mothers!

The reason why I post those photos of me posing on rocks? Just because I felt super confident about my body in this moment. I always didn’t like my legs, but since my daughter was born (and thanks to breastfeeding) I’m kind of in love with myself. Don’t get me wrong… there’s “still” a little bit of work to get my belly back there, where it was, before I was pregnant! But hey – no rush and pressure! Just love yourself! Be happy about, how pregnancy transformed you and not sad about how different you may look. First I was, oh shit – my boobs, my belly – not the same anymore. Damn. But hey… I got awesome legs now, my belly got just a bit cuter and my boobs are feeding a human! Plus WHO CARES? This is what I am. A woman with superpowers.

And while I’ve just read my text above again, I’m wondering why I even write so much about my looks. It should not matter, but I wanted to tell, that you should love all sizes and shapes motherhood gave you. So to all mothers – love yourself! There’s no shame, how nature transforms your body.









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