Enjoying coffee outside

Sometimes, even when it’s cold  – it’s more fun to enjoy your coffee and a snack outside. Our girl was sleeping in her pram and we decided to bring coffee time outside, so we would hear her and could stay in the fresh air a little bit longer. Good thing we have an outdoor kitchen aka our van-kitchen. We can place the gas cooker where ever we want to and ready is the coffee. Plus – Opinel knives are a big part of our relationship (first present my husband gave me was a classic Opinel with my name burned onto the wood), so we tested the new “Nomad Kit”. Perfect for cutting bread, but also opining a wine bottle, peeling or cutting veggies. The next outdoor cooking session can come!

This post contains advertising through press samples (marked with *) and brand naming.

Knife Set: Opinel Nomad Kit* | Gas Cooker: Primus Atle II*
His Boots: Teva Arrowood 2* | His Pants:prAna*
Her Jacket & Beanie: Fjällräven* | Her Hoodie & Shirt: prAna*

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