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“I’m always smiling and I need to protect my smile, that’s why I decided to start creating and wearing my bandanas and neckwarmers!! I started Ema without thinking of it as a brand, I only did it because I love making my own clothes and accessories. I love being different and customizing things all the time. That’s how Ema started, just making ideas I had into real things, and people started asking me about them. You could say that Ema is the result of peoples reactions to my creations. 
And I can say that I love what I do, Ema is my life and my happiness.
Nowadays the world is all messed up, things are too big and everything goes too fast. I think people have forgotten how important the little details are… Ema has that something special, which we call “chispa” in Spanish, that unknown quality that just makes you smile. I think people can feel it, Ema spreads good vibes and makes you feel happy.” Maria Ferrés, EMA – Protect your smile founder

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