DIY Photo Board with Cheerz & Noch

I did a little DIY project for our wedding, a couple of weeks ago. I thought it would be nice to show our friends and families, what we do, when we’re on our adventures! The best way to show that, are photos! 😉 So I stumbled upon the website cheerz, where you can order photos in lots of cute, different ways– they even have a wedding box!

But let’s get to the DIY part! I went to buy a wooden board and some wooden blocks, clued them together and ready was the little shelf. I printed out our “wedding quote” and did transfer it on the board (I used this technic). After that I placed the photos randomly onto the shelf. There comes a nice yellow ribbon with the cheerz wedding box and also little clips, but I didn’t use them here (maybe on another project someday), because our  wedding theme was the forest and I wanted to stay true to it. Lucky me, I knew the perfect address for trees! I showed you many times before, that I’m in love with those little trees – from a company, based where I live. Noch was so kind and sent me some trees (again) to decorate the shelf. So we had a forest photo wall at our wedding – yay! Hope you like it, as much as we do! The shelf lives now in our living room – with a lot of great memories!












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