DIY – Driftwood Play Station

I have no clue, what the right naming of this thing is. Play station? Activity station? Please, let me know, if you do know. 😉 If you haven’t reconized it yet, I do a lot with driftwood. But I just like it! We even did our wedding arch out of driftwood from the river nearby. So my husband made this little frame and I decorated it. I’m not sure if this will be the final stuff, which will entertain our little girl. Some friends of mine told me, that the things should be making noises! 😉 But hey, there’s still time to find something. In the meantime I’m totally fine with this constellation – plus look at this cute leaf blanket!!! Super in love with this one…

Drift wood: from the river | Cord/String: IKEA | Leaf Play Blanket: Nofred via Kleines Karussell | Little Blanket: Konges Sloejd via Kleines Karussell
Little Bambi: via Fesch Livin | Sophie La Girafe: via Kleines Karussell









Non of this is sponsored, but I got a little press discount for the super cute online shop Kleines Karussell! Thanks for that!


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