Since I was a child I always wanted to go to Disneyland, but somehow it never worked out. So now with (in less than 2 weeks) 27-years old I went to Disneyland, with my boyfriend who is not really into that kind of stuff. But I talked him into it and we had a really funny day! We didn’t make a plan where we wanna go and what we wanna see – we just started from the left and made a circle through Disneyland Paris. We drove a roller coaster and I screamed like hell, since I did not know about the looping! Maaan… that was scary, at least for me! Besides driving scary stuff (thx boyfriend for not really telling me, for what kind of attraction we were waitingin line) we just looked at the awesome “villiage Disneyland”!
Thanks for having us, we had a rad time!

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