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So, there is this awesome, little, german magazine called Couch. They called all bloggers to share their 
own story about what “Things that make the world better“. I thought immediately: travelling. Thats 
the most awesome thing in the world. You get so open minded about everything, get to know different
cultures, people and ohhhh the nature on our great planet is stunning! Sometimes there are no words to 
describe the beautiful things you can discover while travelling. Ok I am really enthusiastic about this
topic. 😉 But travelling is the thing, what makes my world better. 
Thanks to my grandparents, who introduced me to the love of travelling!

One thought on “Couch Blogstar”

  1. Hey my dear,

    nice pictures and I like traveling, too!
    But it's not really helpful for environment protection.

    Good luck!

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