ACTION, Countries, Hike, Iceland, WANDERLUST | 21. November 2018

Around Iceland – Hiking Stórurð

This hike was amazing! Not only because we had good weather for once, no – the goal of the day was Stórurð “the giant boulders”! No need to explain the excitement of the husband. Giant boulders! The boulders lie below a small glacier next to Dyrfjöll mountains and with a lot nice clear blue ponds. The hike itself is wonderful, but relaxing next to those boulders is just awesome. We even (ok, mostly I did, super badass) took a dip into one of those pond – extremely cold. Maybe one of the coldest dip I took! And the husband a lot of fun climbing up the boulders! If you are in East Iceland – go and hike Stórurð! Continue reading “Around Iceland – Hiking Stórurð”

Around Iceland – Hiking with Osprey

For hiking in Iceland we were super excited to test the Osprey carrier! My Grandpa carried me in one of those up the mountains when I was a child – so we just had to do same with our little one. And she liked it very much! What can I say? The Osprey carrier is super comfy, has extra space for lunch or rain clothing and even a little mirror, which you can use to see what your child is doing. Or for making fun! Since Iceland I used the carrier for hikes, but also little walks, where I was alone – means no extra person with an extra backpack! Totally works, so much space and I think a big bonus is, that you can adjust the length of the backpack with one move for small people to big ones. So this one we will use quite often! 😉

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ACTION, Australia, Hike | 6. September 2018

WA – Hiking Frenchman Peak

Before you come to the famous beach ‘Lucky Beach’ you drive past the Frenchman Peak. The 3km hike is quite nice – you’re walking mostly on rock and before coming up the peak you walk by a huge cave, which is worth going in/down. If you hike a lot, this one is very easy and the view is very nice from up there… if you have time, do it! Going afterwards to the Lucky Beach for dip into the water might be the perfect ending. Continue reading “WA – Hiking Frenchman Peak”

ACTION, Australia, Countries, Hike, WANDERLUST | 24. August 2018

WA – Banskia Campground & another lonely beach

Not far from the wonderful Banskia Campground – we highly recommend this place – is this pretty piece of coast! Another lonely beach… It‘ called XYX (<– I’ll insert the, when my husband is back from climbing). We just walked down and back up, because the baby girl fell asleep. I don’t what else to write here, just wanted to share this place and photos!  Continue reading “WA – Banskia Campground & another lonely beach”